Baby's all growed up now: on having writing adapted for screen

Lashes screengrabs 5.png

A while ago, a story of mine, Feathers and Cigarettes, won the International Fish Short Story Prize, and I was delighted to be approached by director Christine Sherwood who proposed adapting it for the screen. The resulting short film, "Lashes," was selected for inclusion in more film festivals around the world than I could keep track of, and I'm happy to say it's now available to watch on Vimeo. (I should add it's a little NSFW in case you're on the clock.)

An agent once told me that if I was ever lucky enough to have something I'd written adapted for the screen, I should treat it like I was giving up a child for adoption; that I would always love my baby, but they were now someone else's responsibility. I'll always love Feathers and Cigarettes, and I couldn't be happier to see how Christine raised the little tyke - I hope you like the care and attention she's given as well. Let me know if you'd like to read a copy of the original short story, and I'll send it your way.