Great Futures Start in Newark!

If you haven't come across them, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America provide clubhouses, programs, and resources for children from disadvantaged backgrounds to learn, connect, and have fun after school and during the summer. There are thousands of clubs all over the country, providing homes away from home to millions of members - each club is managed by an incredibly dedicated group of people all of whom care deeply about their local community and the children at its heart. 

I've been working with the Boys & Girls Club of Newark to refresh their communications – focusing on messaging and language in particular. Using the line "Great Futures Start in Newark" we're attempting to stir pride in the local community for potential donors and members alike. Newark is a city with more than its fair share of challenges, but the team at the Boys & Girls Club are there to ensure their members have access to a future they deserve. The new website launched in December, together with new messaging across all communications, and I'm delighted to have been a part of the project.

Go take a look at what they're up to in Newark. And while you're there, have a think about making a donation. Just $15 covers the cost of membership for one child - that's a year's worth of feeling good for the price of a few grande lattes. Not bad, huh?